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Open Makers is Officially Live!

Open Makers
Open Makers
Thank you for subscribing to Open Makers newsletter, we are excited to announce that the site is now live!
Open Makers is a site for those of you who are “building in public” and want to share your journey, it is a new way for you to share important milestones about your products.
Sharing key milestones consistently, will help to drive visitors to your site and ultimately new customers. The goal is not to get a quick spike in traffic every six months when you announce new features, but rather to spread these announcements out over time so people start to trust you and your product, which will lead to new customers, who will start to refer you to people they know.
How to start…
The first thing you should do is to create a Maker profile, simply click the top right icon in the header and authenticate using Twitter. We’ll pull in some of your Twitter info, then use the profile settings page to populate the rest.
After creating your profile, add your product or products. Milestones are attached to products, not people, so if you want to post content you have to add products.
Milestones are just that, key moments in a product timeline that are important for people to know. It’s not a way to spam the site with garbage, remember, it’s about building trust!
Milestones are what keep your products in front of your potential customers. We currently have two types of milestones. “Standard” and “Featured”, Featured milestones can only be posted once per week, per product, but they show up on the main timeline on the homepage.
Milestones are the primary focus of the site right now, as time goes on we will be adding additional features around the “Open Makers” and “Build in Public” topics. We wanted to get the site into your hands now to start building some awareness as we start the next phase.
There are nice smaller features throughout the site that you should take advantage of as well, check out the “Announcements” tab on the homepage as this is where we’ll highlight specific features.
To wrap up…
  1. Create a Maker Profile
  2. Add your Products
  3. Add Featured Milestones once per week, per product.
  4. Add Standard Milestones for smaller product updates.
  5. Help your fellow makers, use their products, share their products, encourage one another.
Thank you again, we look forward to helping you build successful products!
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Open Makers
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Open Makers is a community of talented people sharing their maker journey. Launching 2021.

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